Monday, June 15, 2009

It's the Small Things

Harvest from the garden as of 6/14/09

*8 radishes! Woo! I actually grew something from seed and ate it!

*The herb garden is full of mint, parsley and chives. The thyme is also starting to come back.

Hopeful signs of vegetables

*I think my tomatoes are actually going to bloom at some point

*Numerous carrots seem to be growing

*There are a couple of pink raspberries mixed in with a bunch of green ones

*A friend gave me some baby lettuce, so as long as I can keep those alive, we'll have salad!

In other plant news...

My orchid has another leaf! It really looks like it's at death's door, but apparently this little guy has a lot of will to live.

The bizarre stink plant's blooms have died off and now it just looks (and smells) like any old random plant.

The rose bushes also have a will to live and have all grown back with a vengeance. I didn't inherit any with a gorgeous smell, though the neighbor's giant pink rose bush is divine and helps make up for the fact that my yard will apparently smell like a sewage treatment plant for one week in late spring every year.

The california poppies are spreading with a vengeance. Good thing I like poppies.

I'm still letting lots of random things grow out of control but this past weekend I finally bit the bullet, decided unknown plant x was definitely a weed and then pulled it all out. I'm still too ashamed to post photos but maybe one day...


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Anonymous said...

Things are growing and not dying - now that's a good sign:-) Just think what you'll have by the end of the summer. You'll be even better at it as the years go by. My Dad retired from gardening a couple of years ago. I miss it so much.

Kathy said...

Oh goody goody. Great gardening news!!!
I'm still in CA. Flying home on the red-eye tonight.

Hope your trip will be smooth flying!!

Angela in Europe said...

Yay! I am so glad your garden is working for you! It is one of the things I miss most about living in Paris - not having my own herbs. Keep up the exciting work.

Beth said...

Don't be so shy. Post a picture of your garden! I showed you mine.

Laura said...

sounds great! We just moved into a new place (I'm in germany) and i can't wait to get to the garden... right now it's just a big plot of mud! I hope I can get something growing for the rest of the summer