Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home again

2-hour car trip to the airport
2-hour wait at the airport
9-hour airplane ride
4-hour layover
1-hour plane ride (with propellers -- yikes)
1-hour car trip to Granny and Paw-paw's house


19 hours of traveling with a 2-year-old.

It definitely could have been worse! Stinkerbella was a champion, though I guess the people to really ask are the people who sat near us on the airplane. She loved it and entertained herself fairly well. Two activities stood out as favorites: playing hide-and-seek with the airplane blanket and putting stickers all over her legs.

Our first day here she went to her first story hour (I love our public library and wouldn't mind living there), was reintroduced to Tigger the Cat and spent a lot of time outside in the backyard wandering around. On my part, I've had my first Dr. Pepper and am just taking it easy, enjoying the weather and the scenery. It's great to be back in Appalachian paradise.


Kristy said...

Welcome home Deb! I hope you have a great time.

Beth said...

This post SO reminds me of the crazy Burkina to Nebraska trips I used to take with my four kids. CRAZY doesn't actually even begin to cover it...

Anyway, I'm glad you got there and that your girl was such a champ.

Laura said...

Sounds very good actually. I'm heading from germany to california (11 hours on the plane) with my 4 year and 1 year old boys (this time without hubby) in september. i'm already preparing myself!

Pumpkin said...

We can buy Dr. Pepper here in Switzerland (not cheap though) and I wondered if it had came to France. I missed Dr. Pepper like crazy when I first moved to France.

I am happy your family had a good trip and your little one got to spend time with her family in the States.