Friday, June 05, 2009

Is it June already?!

Yeah, so for a while there I was taking medication for a sinus infection and was surviving on 5 hours of sleep...and ended up with lots of extra time for blogging. Now I'm back to being a big, old lazy butt and still haven't gotten around to writing posts about that bachelorette party or book reviews. Not even sure they're going to happen anytime soon!

In the meantime, we are doing very well. It's amazing how chipper I feel as long as I can see some blue sky. My Saturday classes are wrapping up and I am ashamed to admit how much I am looking forward to having my weekends back for my family. We are also gearing up for our big trip back to Virginia this month -- woo hoo and yee haw!

The kitchen paint issue is still on hold. The yellow is not actually for the walls, it's for a part of our ugly cabinet doors since we're trying to make do with what we have instead of redo everything. I think my husband was just trying to make me feel better about my poor choice of paint (though technically he is color blind). Now I'm trying to figure out a plan B.

On the garden front, it looks like I might actually have an edible radish or two coming up! And last week in the front yard, my weird-looking plant finally bloomed. I was sitting outside with some visitors and kept noticing this horrible odor that made me think someone somewhere either had a sewer failure or had left meat out to rot. There were these gusts of wind that made it extremely intense and unpleasant. It was driving me absolutely crazy until I figured out it was coming from that plant.

I was torn between horror and excitement that I might possibly have inherited a carnivorous plant, until I checked with Google University and discovered that it was something called a Devil's Tongue and is not in fact insect-eating. Luckily, the odor lasts only a few days and now we can play outside again.

Off to wash floors and make spaghetti sauce! Hope everyone is well.


Michelle said...

Deb, I'm dying to hear your bachelorette party story!! Don't leave me hanging!

Angela in Europe said...

Aren't you lucky to be going 'home' for the summer. I am jealous!

Laura said...

I also can't believe it's june already, yikes! Hope we start getting some warmer summer weather soon. Laura in ludwigsburg, germany

Pardon My French said...

Okay, Michelle, I swear I really will post about it, though I can't promise when! :) Happy anniversary, by the way.

Angela, I seriously cannot wait. It's been way too long!

Hi, Laura! I hope you at least had nice weather for the weekend. It helped make up for the horrible week (a little).