Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 2

For the babe:

  • A ride in Paw-paw's Model A and blowing the "a-OOga" horn
  • A trip to our fabulous small town playground
  • More playing with the cat
  • Throwing rocks in the creek and shouting "KaBOOM" and "KerPLUNK"
  • Meeting family friends, who graciously taught her other fabulous words such as "Ala-ka-ZAM"
  • Lots of jumping and running and singing outside in the yard
For her parents:

  • Picking out candy from barrels in the country store uptown (this was very much me, not my French husband)
  • Buying good quality sneakers that were so cheap it still almost makes me fall over (this was him)
  • Endulging in milkshakes and Dr. Pepper (you'll have to guess on this one)
  • Buying books at the Goodwill for 35 cents
  • Driving windy country roads in my parents' boat of a Buick

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