Monday, March 02, 2009

You're My Blue Sky

You're my sunny day... It's about time, too. My MIL kindly came up to help with le kid and it was fabulous, even if nice weather was scant during her entire stay. She also cooked and helped with the dishes so it was like vacation without having to pack. Ella took twice-daily long walks and got to ride on the carousel, thanks to her mamie. Ella'll tell you the story in great detail, too, complete with gestures and cute facial expressions about the horse that went around and around and up and down.

We also gave her the play kitchen I found in a second-hand shop for 5 euros. Seriously, you can't buy anything for 5 euros! I cleaned it up and set it out yesterday during her nap, and then forgot and left to take stuff to the dump with my husband and we missed the whole surprise thing. But mamie took pictures so we could see her excitement. She loves it and cried when she had to go upstairs for bed at night because she was afraid it would go away. (La cuisine PARTI?!) It's times like this that make me appreciate the fact that she can more or less communicate so I know what she is feeling. We reassured her that it would still be there when she woke up and she trotted off to bed. She calls it "Ella's chicken" in English. Life is good.


Kathy said...

You know me- I love the second hand store!! I've even gotten into craigs list too!

I've given up snacks for Lent. I promise I'll only eat at meal time! And I am reading in my Bible each night. We've started going to a new Church - AND DAVID IS GOING WITH ME! I'm SOOO excited about it!

David has been working on the bee hive boxes. He painted them last week. He has gotten an electric fence to keep our bears out. Waiting for a nice day to go put some of this stuff in place. The bees are to arrive on March 28's. Yes - you order bees.

It snowed this weekend. Kid are out of school.

Sending hugs!

Beth said...

"Ella's chicken"! I love it! Too adorable.

Angela in Europe said...

What a sweet story! I bet her 'chicken' will be one of her favorite memories as she grows up.

Beth said...

I just tagged you for an award, if you're up for it!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog..
☆ Martinha ☆

Kathy said...

Abby LOVED her e-card. She made me play it 100 times. Hope the visit is going well!

Beth said...

I miss your posts! I hope you'll write another as soon as you can , so we all know you are ok.

Amy said...

That was very cute! I'm new to the blog world, although very internet friendly. I'm also an American living in Normandie, married to a wonderful French man. He has suggested I blog ...but before I do I think I'll catch up to this world, with yours. I agree 5 Euro 'c'est genial'!