Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Month Already?!

It's been crazy busy around here, but in a good way. Had a great visit with my MIL, then my family, then my MIL again until today, and then my FIL is supposed to come back with my MIL on Sunday. No shortage of laps to sit on around here... (for the baby, not for me, that is)

My goal of weekly blogging has sadly fallen short.


Beth said...

Don't beat yourself up. Another "job" is not what you need!
Just write when you can and know that your audience is waiting for you, not with impatience, but understanding.
I SO know what the crazy expat mom of young kids life is like! Just do your best.
I'm glad you've had some great family time.

Kathy said...

Crazy is the life of a mom. Accept it as normal. At least that is the attitude I'm taking. Things are crazy busy here too. Went to Salt Lake for work. Then last weekend we put the bees in. This week I'm trying to catch up on life. The upcoming weekend is already filling up with plans. But life if full of great things happening all around in the craziness I call my life.