Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not much to report lately, except that my in-laws are coming up to very kindly watch the babe while my husband and I celebrate my upcoming birthday. A very small part of me wants to do something new and exciting and visit Austria or England (heck, I'd take Belgium again despite being robbed there), but the very tired, less motivated part of me is winning out and we're planning a short weekend in Paris, an old friend. I've even got a substitute for my Saturday classes.

Otherwise, new developments in motherhood are as follows: I am a little burned out on reading Green Eggs and Ham, but it is currently Ella's fave and she asks for it incessantly. On the positive side, it sort of has a plot and I'm very happy she seems more interested in those now. Big Red Barn still gets a thumbs down every time, though.

She has also asked to listen to the James Brown CD two mornings in a row, which led to some confusion at first since she did so by leaning in my face and saying, "Get UP." Confused? I was, until the (very dim) light bulb went off over my head and I realized she meant, "Get up, get on up.*" At this point, she isn't cursing any more (okay, not so much, at least) but clearly I have some work to do in getting my act together. Once I could have sworn she said "Shake your money maker," but I perhaps wrongly discounted it. More Raffi it is, then. It's especially shameful when I think about all the cute French kids' songs she knows and how sweet she sounds then.

Today a little friend who is about 2.5 years older than she is gave her the "bises" (French kissy-kissy on the cheek thing) when we were leaving, and Ella got a look of pure happiness on her face. She's been interacting a bit with her playmates but lately she seems to be a lot more socially aware and I can see that she wants to communicate and play with them and loves signs of affection from them as well. She's really changed the last month, but I think I say that every month.

*Mom, I am sorry to have to tell you that this comes from a song called "Sex Machine." I know, I know. If we look on the positive side, she cannot quote any lines from KC and the Sunshine Band, at least for the moment.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday! A weekend in Paris sounds new and exciting to me:-)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful in-laws you have. You must count your blessings. Okay I know they also have a better reason for coming.( to see that beautiful granddaughter ) Have a wonderful Birthday and give that dear little one a hug and kiss from granny. Oh, you might remember to give the hug and kiss to your other love.
Happy Happy B-Day

Tammy said...

Happy birthday, Deb!!

That's too funny about the James Brown song. Just tell your mom that it could be worse, she could be singing Barry White.

KathyUSA said...

I was just thinking about your BD today. Have a awsome weekend! I hope you just enjoy each other's company in a restful place.

D loves the Dr. S. Books. I only enjoy a few like, "Wocket in my Pocket", "The Foot Book", "Are You My Mother" and "Mr. Brown Can Moo".

Non-Dr.S Books that I love includes "I love it when you smile", "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More", and Panda Bear,Panda Bear". Do you have any of these??

Pardon My French said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes! It was a good one.

K -- Ella's getting more and more into Dr Seuss, although she also loves one of my old Grover books from way back in the day. It's falling apart but she loves it and will 'read' it to me. I know Panda Bear but don't have it, and don't know the other two. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm always interested in those.