Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Six Random Things

Way back in November, the lovely and talented Beth from Burkina Mom In France tagged me for my very first meme (in which I post 6 random things about myself) and I'm just now getting around to it. Initially I toyed with the idea of listing "I'm a procrastinator" as number 1 but that just didn't seem fair. So here goes:

1. I love KC & the Sunshine Band more than any person probably should. Right now I'm on a KC hiatus, though, given the fact that his lyrics are extremely simple, repetitive and raunchy and I'm living with a human sponge 21-month-old.

2. I was really into clogging for a while, and still miss it. The spark happened during a family trip to Dollywood, and my mother found some other parents willing to carpool their kids to take lessons an hour away. I still have my fancy shoes here -- unfortunately I didn't think of this during my labor dances, because I am sure I could have found fame on Youtube if I had. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here:

3. For a couple of years, I was a member of a volunteer rescue squad. Boy, do I have some stories from that. Any thoughts of being a doctor were firmly squelched during that time as I learned that although not particularly squeamish at the sight of blood or bone or various other gory sights, I was not comfortable when I was the highest level person on a scene and felt the pressure of really, really not wanting to make a mistake. My sangfroid does not extend to my daughter, though, and I need to work on that. And although I learned how to start IVs, I tend not to look when people are poking me with needles trying to find my veins. It's just the idea that they are having to search for them that bugs me.

4. I've been to Obama, Japan and can confirm that its citizens tend to be nice people. Check it out if you are interested in getting out of the city and checking out the Japanese countryside.

5. Once I received a whole, extremely fresh squid as a gift while teaching in Japan. The principal helped me cut it up and poke out the ink sacks, then I took it to a friend's house and we ate as much of it as we could...first as sushi and then as calamari.

6. Cows frighten me a little. They seem big and unpredictable.

I'm supposed to tag six people, but for the moment I'm just tagging my former rescue buddy, Kathy.


KathyUSA said...

I saw you "tagged" me. I started working on it and posted but ran up on a problem adding "links". I hadn't gotten around to fixing it yeat but will make it better before long.

We're taking "A" sking for her first time tomorrow. Wish us luck!!!

Beth said...

Great post! It's fun to learn all this random stuff about you.

KathyUSA said...

Finaly got my 6 random things page done including posts.

IF THIS WAS Facebook Sentence:
Dang it's cold! 18 degrees. BURRRRR

Pardon My French said...

Loved the ski pics! I miss that. Hope the blog is better.

Thanks, Beth! It was fun.