Friday, December 05, 2008

A Random Post on Christmas Decorations

I should really try to take a picture of what seems to be the Christmas decoration of choice here. Please know I don't intend to be snarky, it just strikes me as funny. Anyway, I guess since not very many people have fireplaces anymore, Santa is forced to toss a rope up, hook it to your windowsill, and climb in the window in order to deliver presents. To me, it seems more logical to speculate that perhaps Rudolph's gleaming nose also has magical lock-picking properties and Santa could just walk in through the door like a normal person. Am I the only one that thinks it's a little creepy for some guy to be climbing in your bedroom window while you're asleep? Even if he is bringing you stuff? I know the ventilation system is less romantic than a fireplace, but even that seems like a better entry point.

My point is that I see lots of fake Santas climbing up ropes outside of homes and it's faintly disturbing because they never, ever end up looking like "Hey, here I come to bring you presents and Christmas cheer" but more of a "Help me help me I'm hanging off this rope underneath a helicopter being flown by Jack the Headless Pumpkin" kind of thing. It is very much a desperate Santa.

And now I'm wondering if they just don't do reindeer here. Is that an anglophone culture thing? Do they land someplace else than the roof? The thought just struck me that Santa is not climbing up to get in your window but instead rappelling down, which is slightly more comforting but the whole rope thing still throws me as does the fact all the Santas seem to be alarmed instead of confident.

*going off to ponder*


Nymeth said...

You see a lot of those here too. And I also find them unsettling. Someone I know always points out that if anyone wants to climb up a window to rob a house around this time, all they have to do is dress up as Santa and be really still if anyone walks past while they're at it :P

Beth said...

Yes! My daughter just spotted another one when we were in the village this morning.
I must agree that it's one of the odder decorating ideas I've seen. disturbing.

Many of them don't have alarmed expressions. Look more closely. Evil and leering sums it up. And the idea (even imaginary) of one creeping into a child's room...ICK!

The Duchess said...

I hate those Santas! They are everywhere around here. People, a little originality, please! And the Santas are really miniscule as well, so I have to assure my little girls that they aren't real....

KathyUSA said...

I've never heard or seen anything like this. Keep this idea over there!!! In the movie where Tim Allen plays santa - - when ther isn't a fire place, one just magicly appears. If santa is magic he should be able to get in without crawling through the window. Don't ya thint! Strange!