Friday, November 30, 2007

That's a whole "lotte" of fish

File this under "things you don't see every day."

I was walking past the fish market this morning, lost in my thoughts, when I saw this:

This is une lotte, otherwise known as an anglerfish. You can't really see the dangly bit but it was there, off to the right of the photo. The fishmonger said (if I understood correctly) that it came from Bretagne and is over 20 kilos. This was a massively freakish fish, I'm talking stop-dead-in-your-tracks hideous. The French people I've talked to without fail have said, "Yes, but it's really delicious." It had better be, given that it's just under 30 euros per kilo.

Can you see those teeth?! It gives me second thoughts about going swimming. On the other hand, I think this would make a pretty damn impressive Thanksgiving dish. You'd sure need a lotte of stuffing for that baby (someone stop me, please).

Thanks to Carole for the picture!

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