Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Props to Canon

I was pretty ticked off when our digital camera (Canon PowerShot SD100) suddenly stopped working. Slobberjaws would be doing something cute and loveable but the damn thing would only take black pictures. I was initially pessimistic but did a little internet research and found that there have been problems with a defective sensor that they would replace for free. I called their helpline and talked to a very nice man who said it did sound like a defective sensor, so he was going to send a UPS label so that I could send it off to have it examined. If the problem was the sensor, they would replace it for free and if there was something else wrong, they would notify me before doing any other repairs.

I sent the camera back home with my sister (thanks, Sissy!) who promptly packaged it up and sent it off to Canon. I just received notice they replaced the sensor and were sending it back, and I'll pick it up when I return home for Christmas. It's nice to experience excellent customer service again. Thanks, Canon.

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The Late Bloomer said...

Wow, that's excellent news! Great job, Canon, and I'm glad you'll be getting your fully functioning camera back very soon!