Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What I've Been Waiting For

This morning I managed to feed baby E. before she woke up. I can always tell when she's hungry even while asleep; it's not hard when you're living in a small (to me) apartment and the crib is right next to where you sleep. And then she's not so subtle, either...when I've kept her in bed with me, she's managed to somehow scoot her way over to me and start bonking her head on my boob. I guess you can't get a clearer sign than that.

Anyway, she zonked out after she finished eating, so I put her down and just stared at her in the way only a first-time mother with no other children can. She wriggled a little bit, opened her eyes and seemed unfazed to find my big honker (not to mention morning breath) right in her face. She looked at me in the eyes and gave me an initial coy grin that turned into a full-out smile stretching from ear to ear. And then she farted, put her hands behind her head, and tolerated the million kisses I gave her from head to toe.


Anonymous said...

We know how much you love that little girl. It's a joy to share the love and laughter that excudes from the first time mother. Keep up the good work and she will only bring much more laughter and joy.

PutYourFlareOn said...

The bonking of the head against the boob is such funny imagery. Max does the same thing. He tried to eat my shoulder when he's hungry. He even stops crying when hears the click of my nursing bra. That means food is coming!

That smile is the best thing you've ever seen, isn't it? There are so many more to come... just wait and see!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious you're flooded with the special love motherhood brings. Lucky you. Lucky baby.
California Aunt

Deb said...

Isn't that the best feeling?! I watch my little one like that too. I'm also one to check on her every half an hour or so (if my husband and I are in the living room) to make sure she is ok.

Being a mom is the best!

Angela in Europe said...

*tears of laughter* what a beautiful story!

Pardon My French said...

Amomymous, thanks! Need to take more videos for you.

Flare, it does crack me up although Ella hasn't yet learned the Pavlovian Nursing Bra Response! Love the smiles.

California Aunt, thanks. Miss you.

Deb, I love your blog because I can really identify with it. I also have a compulsive need to check on her when we put her to bed, but I'm actually not as crazy uptight as I thought I'd be.

Angela, thanks!