Monday, June 11, 2007

Dolly Pardon My French -- Just for laughs

So, Sitemeter (button's at the bottom of the page) will show me all the Google searches that somehow correspond to my humble blog. Once in a while when I need to feel better I'll just take a peek to see what people were looking for.

A surprising number of them are something like "Dolly Pardon's big breasts," which is funny...the misspelling of her last name sends them right to my blog every time. Today's included "ate cat litter," "pregnancy britches for riding horses," "my cat is deteriorating with tumors in her lungs" (I feel badly for the person who wrote this, though), "Dolly Parton's tight sweater," and "thank god for the bouncy chair." I've also gotten listed in quite a few searches for "male majorettes." Whodathunkit?

Thanks to everyone who responded to me about my last post via phone, e-mail, or comment. I guess I need the support right now and it helps. I'm supposed to call the pediatrician in 30 minutes to give her an update, and we'll see what she says.

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Anonymous said...

Well, we hope it was a good report and that the little one is doing super.
With a mother's love and intution you and that precious little one will be just fine.
Have a great week.