Friday, June 15, 2007

For those of you who are bored at work...

or are just bored, or like American Idol-type shows.

Here are my favorite songs from this year's French Idol (Nouvelle Star), a show I like much better than A.I. One reason for this Manu Katche, but that's beside the point. Off we go, then:

Tigane, with an unexpected version of a song I learned to love:

Julien, with an unexpected version of a song I'd never heard:


Katia said...

They were both my favourite songs from this season. Outstanding!

I love Manu Katche too ;) Although I also have a soft spot for André and his little philosophical discours.

PutYourFlareOn said...

His version of Moi Lolita is so cool! You should look up Alizée's original song and see how differently he performed it.

Pardon My French said...

I miss this show. Apparently I'm not allowed to post video from TV (although I'm not sure exactly who I ticked off) or I'd watch them again.

Andre makes me giggle with his sex eyes along with his speeches.

Alizee's version really is different! There's no comparison.