Friday, March 23, 2007

Still here...

No baby yet, although I'm giving her plenty of pep talks. I have been rehearsing The Labor Dance as well but haven't given any official performances. The osteopath said I should get plenty of exercise in order to give the baby the hint to start her journey, which will then cue my body to go into labor. Now, I certainly don't want to do anything super strenuous that could hurt either one of us, but I'm not against the idea of giving gentle hints, either.

I'm not technically past the due date yet and am trying hard to be patient. Sometimes I seem to shock people with my declaration that it is time for the baby to come out...people tend to tell me, "No, no, she's fine where she is...don't rush things." Really, though, I think it's about time for me to be able to see and hold her and for her to start her life in the world. There is an impatience at the end that I certainly didn't feel before and that is not for my benefit. Logically I know that it's a lot easier to care for her in her current state than it will be once she gets here. If someone told me it was in her best interest to carry her around for another month or two, then I would certainly do it with pleasure. I can't tell you why I'm sure it's time for her to come, I just feel it is. Waiting is difficult. I long to be able to look at her and know she's okay.

That's the wonderful thing about biology. She's going to come when she's going to come, and I'm going to be ready to do whatever it takes for her to get here. Mothers need this impatience; it's a functional thing.

On a positive note, thanks to everyone in cyberspace who left well wishes! I really appreciate all of the nice comments.


the fabulous adventures of sarah said...

Bonjour PMF my dear!

I just wanted to wish you well and let you know that I am thinking you and your little daughter - and sending you positive thoughts and well wishes for a safe delivery.

hugs from Maine!

Anonymous said...

rWe are wishing a safe and happy birth for you and your little one. May she be here right on time and the joys of a little one be there to brighten all your tomorrows. She will bring such joy and amazement that it will be hard to remember them all, but count all your blessings with each new day. Take care and enjoy the moment.p

Anonymous said...

Still keeping up with you on this end and was happy to see the update. I know you are ready for this precious little girl to join you on the outside. Gave the bookclub and update last night too. They all send their love! ~K