Monday, March 19, 2007

No New News

So, the lab lady was wrong and the baby most certainly did not come over the weekend. I think I'm going to have to change my baby tracker to reflect the French due date after all.

I see the signs a-comin', but nothing that says "You are going to go into real labor any moment now." Lots and lots of Braxton-Hicks that are getting more intense and sometimes preceded by lightheadedness. Funky circulatory things going on in my legs and feet. All of my emotions are magnified by 100% (at least), so the hormones are definitely kicking up a notch or two. Or twelve. This has been both good and bad news for my husband. But my back doesn't hurt and I haven't had any signs of imminent labor, so I reckon Baby Girl is happy where she is. Perhaps I'll get to finish the cross stitch after all.

Edited: I had my visit with the monitor showed mild contractions but everything apparently looked good. The mandatory poke showed that the baby doesn't seem to be planning on getting here anytime soon. I know supposedly this could change at the drop of a hat, but for now we still have some time. If she doesn't show up by her due date, I show up at the hospital and I guess we'll talk then.

Haven't had a response from the secu...they were supposed to call back, but no such luck. I guess it's good for the moment because they just cause me stress. The new pain-in-the-ass administrative dealie for this week involves the tax office, who continue to deduct taxes from our bank account that have already. been. paid. As in, not only are we not getting money for maternity leave, we are automatically being double-taxed and can't get them to fix the problem.

At this point, I need you all to hope and pray that I have good breasts and can feed our baby, because if the trend continues, we're not going to be able to afford formula. Oh, okay, I am being a little bit of a drama queen, but damn. Other than that, things are great!


Erica said...

Not long to go now, you must be getting so excited! I would go so crazy over the tax business, but you seem to be taking it with humour and this is very admirable!

Reb said...

I hope your little one decides to come out soon. I didn't trust the French due date either, and thought the American one was right, but the French were right (actually no one was right because my daughter decided to come 4 days late). Just do some reading or nesting 'cause you won't have time for that in a couple days ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my I guess things go wrong just about anywhere in the world, but we all seem to be taxed to death and no one can come up with a good fix. Hope you can get that straighten out soon.
Sorry about the due date, but as long as she is fine she's better off where she is for right now, but
I'm sure looking forward to hearing she's here.
Maybe the good news will start coming real soon.
Have a great week and get some rest and read a good book.

the fabulous adventures of sarah said...

you can do it PMF!!!
my heart is with you!

big hugs from Maine!

christina said...

Crossing my fingers for your breasts.

My second child was 8 days late and only decided to arrive after I (and this is all on the same day)

1)climbed the stairs to my in-laws and had sauerkraut for lunch
2) baked a loaf of banana bread and ate half of it
3)had a warm bath

Try it, it just might work. :-)

Angela in Europe said...

I think this could be my first ever pray for good breasts for someone other than myself. lol! I am sure everything will work out. You know how the french government is.

Angela in Europe said...
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Angela in Europe said...

prayer, sheesh, I can spell

ohlala said...

good luck!! labor dust coming your way!!

We got a refund after we paid our taxes twice, so in the end it will get figured, out... how long, no one knows for sure.

******labor dust******


Papadesdeux said...

Today is Friday and I'm betting no news is good news, you've got your hands full, and deserve a few congratulations. If not, just hold them as an advance.