Friday, March 02, 2007

Rolling Right Along (this post has been edited)

So, things are going well for all of us. The cat obviously knows something is up and is a little clingier than usual. She still gets plenty of cuddles but lap room for her is running out. I've packed my suitcase more or less...I still haven't received the official list from the hospital but I've seen other lists and my midwife gave me an abbreviated version. We're 5 minutes from the hospital so if I forget something it won't be that much of a problem to go get it. Edit: I now have the official list and think I'm still going to stick with the abbreviated version, although I may pick up one or two of the suggestions. Do I really have to bring my own washcloths? Lord have mercy.

This week I have my last yoga appointment, my appointment with the anesthesiologist, and my 9th month check-up, also fondly known as the official poke-in-the-cervix (which is not anywhere as fun as it sounds, believe me). Since I'm feeling so well, I've also been cleaning more. I'm not sure if it qualifies as nesting or if it's something I'm doing because I know I'm supposed to. I'm also not sure if it should be called 'nesting' when it's more like some kind of gestational obsessive/compulsive disorder...I have a new thing for Mr. Clean disinfectant wipes (Monsieur Propre here) and doorknobs, light switches, and faucets. It just occurred to me that I should include the mouse and keyboard. Damn it, that's going to bug me but I'll just save it for tomorrow. I should really be focusing on dusting, but it's just too daunting. Maybe next week.

Not too long ago we broke down and bought a TNT decoder...France has a few free digital channels available, but you have to buy the decoder in order to see them. Ours was about 40 euros...the cheapest we could find that fit my husband's audio requirements. Anyway, the biggest reason to have the decoder is that it allows me to watch certain American TV series in English. There's a 'language' button on the remote control, and sometimes you'll get the option of French or English. Pretty cool, huh -- and it's about time.

Edit: Sam, you asked how it worked, but I'm not really sure. It was my husband who discovered it, and the bad news is that it doesn't work all the time. Our remote control has a button called "Language," and when we push it, sometimes we have the option to switch a show to the English version. It isn't across the board, however -- for certain shows the only option is French, and sometimes even when the English option is there, we can't get it to work. It does work at times,'s somewhat like a trip to the post office: you never know if the person behind the desk will (willingly) give you what you need, and you never know if the English button on the TNT will really change the language. The model we bought was a "Listo" for about 39,99 euros at Boulanger. It was on sale in a generic white of the cheapest we could find. Does anyone else out there know why it sometimes doesn't change over to English even though it says it will? Is it a new option? Anyway, on Saturday we watched Prison Break in English on W9, and then there have been random sitcoms here and there (Scrubs, etc.) that we've gotten in English, found by trial and error.


Erica said...

I am glad everything is going great - I am hoping to get some English and Italian channels when I will be in Paris. I don't know if I could live with French TV exclusively. I must have a satellite!

Riana said...

sounds like its soon, all that cleaning is a big sign! i gave birth the day after my aneth. appointment!!

good luck!!

Samantha said...

Are you serious about that TNT thing? We've have it for about a year now, and I had no clue! Can you explain exactly how it works? I'm totally going to check that out when I get back home!!

Astrid said...

Just came across your comment on the TNT and as Sam, I've had mine for a year. I ran over to the remote but didn't find any language button. Shame!

hmmm... maybe it's a more hidden function? For I'll be paying attention now.

Angela in Europe said...

I thought I left a comment here yesterday. Darn it! I wanted to tell you that I think cleaning is a form of nesting and a calming instict because you know you will not have time to do it once the little one arrives.

Riana said...

PS I didnt need half the shit that I packed, but towels were important, and those cotton squares to clean the babies butt, baby soap (no other products)genormous pads for you (they will give you some too, but the ones that i bought were better) and snack food since the hospital food SUCKS and a book to read.

See you on the flip side soon!!

Samantha said...

Thanks so much for the extra info, I'm definitely going to check it out when I get back this weekend. Ours is a cheapo box too, I think we got it from Leclerc for 40€.