Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good News, Bad News (TNT), but the Bad News could be Worse

So, first things first: still feel great although I am craving junk food like never before. After the first horrible doctor's visit when I went in an ecstatic "I'm finally pregnant!" woman and left an insecure wreck, it's nice that all medical personnel are now saying things like, "So, if you go into labor tonight..." What a great feeling.

My sweater is almost has taken me forever, but I've learned a lot. I think a baby sweater was a bit ambitious for a beginner like me, but I've had lots of lovely people helping me along the way. I just need to pick up stitches and do the collar and buttonholds (in seed stitch -- they call this "tricot facile?!!") and voila, I'm done.

Now for the bad news: I've spent some time browsing forums and blogs trying to figure out this whole English shows in TNT thing. The good news is that is is technologically possible to be able to choose which language you'd like to see a show in; the bad news is that not many channels seem to actually offer this aside from paid channels. It seems I'm a victim of either really great or really poor timing, depending on your view...we just got TNT and so for us, Prison Break on Sunday in English was just your average, wonderful TNT experience. However, it seems like it was a new thing for W9. Also, a lot of the other sitcoms were on Paris Premier, a paid channel. Initially I thought it was like Canal+ in that it's considered public broadcasting for certain times of day, but haven't been able to get it lately so perhaps it was one of those free trials to get you hooked deals. Thus, so far it seems like we've seen several shows in English but it may not be permanent or even currently available.

However, I did learn a little bit of useful vocabulary in case anyone has free time and wants to help me figure this out. If a show is broadcasted in two languages, it's called Version Multilingue (something like that), so you'll need to look for VM on program listings (as opposed to VO). I've also seen 'bicanal' come up in the forums, so that's another key search term. France 4 may or may not have promised to start offering shows in that's another possibility for the future. So, for now, Prison Break it is. w9, Sunday nights.


Angela in Europe said...

What a cute sweater! You should be very proud of yourself especially as a beginner!

Anonymous said...

Loved the sweater for a beginner you've done very well. Give your-self a pat on the back and keep up the good work. I'm sure you will find a little free time when your little one arrives, and maybe a little dress will be next.

Tara said...

Hello my friend, I've found your blog by sheer luck (or bad luck if you didn't want people to find it). I hope you and the Mr. are doing well. I can't believe you'll be a mom in just a few weeks. Maureen will be in town in April and I'm moving back at the end of the year. Shoot me an email when you have time.

Miss ya,