Monday, February 26, 2007

This made me smile

I woke up today, as always, to the news in French (purely my husband's idea, but it definitely helped develop my listening comprehension in the beginning days). Today's news involved coverage of the Academy Awards. While I was happy to hear that Forest Whitaker won the Oscar for Best Actor, this made me laugh out loud. Good for Al Gore; I guess an Oscar can be a belated consolation prize -- at least he won something.


Erica said...

Yes, good for him! I do like him, and was sad when he didn't win against Bush, but that's water under bridge now.
I keep studying French and my husband and I keep watching French movies to practice my listening and understanding, but sometimes they speak so fast! How was it for you at the beginning, did you understand everything on tv?

Anonymous said...

Well, I must have missed something
what was it about Al Gore that I missed? I didn't watch the Oscar's
so I'm out in left field.

Angela in Europe said...

Did you see the interview Michael Criton did? He said most of the stuff isn't even factual! I haven't seen the movie and now I don't know if I even want to.

Pardon My French said...

Erica --

Listening comprehension was my weakest skill so I did the same thing as you guys before moving here...watched lots of French movies and I also had a magazine of listening comprehension exercises that helped. When I finally got here I did okay but the main problem was vocabulary. I worked on that while I was waiting for my working does take a little while to get used to the speed, but at some point it just comes! There are certain actors/actresses that I still find difficult to understand completely, though.

Anon -- so now do you know about Al Gore's achievement? :)

Angela -- No, I didn't see the interview. I'd be curious to see the movie at some point, anyway, but I guess it's wise to always take these things with a grain of salt. Let me know what you think if you do see it.