Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Can't Win 'Em All

Yeah, so yesterday was not exactly my best day as a parent. I think I accidentally knocked EllaBella over with the cat carrier...one minute she was beside me, then I turned to fasten the gate and she ended up face-down in the lane in front of our house; very drawn-out and dramatic and public.

And I knew this was coming, but she's definitely in that stage where she absorbs everything we say like a sponge even if it doesn't look like she's listening. Yesterday she dropped something and said "Oh, shit" as clear as a bell, so I'm trying to do damage control.

Otherwise, she's fine. The vet complimented her on her verbal skills and then asked, "Does she always talk this much?" as the kid chattered to herself for the entire visit. And yes, she does talk pretty much 95% of the time she's awake, which is useful in that when I cannot hear her jabbering to herself then I know she's up to no good. The pediatrician said something similar last week ("Oh, she's going to be a talker") and then day care has also mentioned her tendency to yammer under her breath as she goes about her business.

The cat has officially been diagnosed as depressed on the other hand, and I'm under orders to find ways to stimulate her. I've got birdseed so right now I'm off to see if I can attract some feathered friends to (the patch of gravel that passes as) our backyard.

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Papadesdeux said...

Whaaa, attracting feathered friends as play toys for the depressed cat. That could be an interesting back yard spectacle. But now you've got me worried. What if our cat is depressed and I haven't picked up on it. I've been depressed. That is no fun. And we've got balconies he could jump off of in a desperate moment. Woe is me.

PS: If the worst you ever do is knock em over with a cat carrier, you are still ahead of the game.