Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Am Alive; Still Swimming Swimming Swimming

Who knew how long it would take to scrape fuzzy carpet off of some really ancient (well, considering, they're not all that old) walls? Still a-workin' on the house and a-packin' me some boxes. The carpet came off (ew, ick, cough, cough) and then the paper behind that came off, sorta, which now leaves the glue, not to mention the highly questionable walls. Now thinking how to cover that crap all back up without showing how lumpy and crooked the walls really are. I thought I just wanted plain, smooth, white walls, merely involving a little plaster and some paint but clearly I was insanely optimistic. Thinking about readjusting my goals to something merely light-colored and not fuzzy.

But I promised myself I would not natter on and on about the walls.


Today my adorable kid turned 18 months old and took another ride on the carousel, after which she cried because she was Just! So! Sad! it was over, after which I bribed distracted her with a cookie. So much for my resolution not to do that (I did note, however, that it was successful).

I know experts say not to let your kids watch TV before they're 2, but I also chose this milestone to introduce her to Gene Kelley's "Singing in the Rain" routine. She seemed to enjoy it though at her age, who doesn't like splashing in puddles? She really likes music and will request certain songs that she wants to listen to over and over. I can be one of those kinds of people, too, though, so we work pretty well together that way. In particular, she loves "Mr. Sandman" and "Barbara Ann" -- I'll give a virtual cookie to the person who can guess why.

She's adding on words and sometimes I'm surprised when she'll say a new one unexpectedly in its appropriate context. She likes naming animals, body parts, food, items of transportation and all that, and once in a while I swear she'll say a complete sentence. Mainly, though, our conversations go like this: Cookie? No, not yet, it's almost time for dinner. Cookie? No, not yet. Cookiepease? No. Nice try with manners, though. COOKIE? No. COOOOOOKKKKIIIIIIIIEEEEEE? No. Still, no. Now stop hanging onto my pants leg and go play with something. *silence* Juice?!


Papadesdeux said...

Good luck with the walls...and the cookies. Alas, once you have started with either one, there is no turning back.

I finally gave up the ghost on even vaguely smooth walls. I guess when they get to be around 300 years old, you gotta be a little forgiving.

If I was willing to make sandwiches of cookies on white bread without the crust, I would be the most popular dad on the planet.

Anonymous said...

OH, my cannot wait to see this little darling. I sure am looking forward to the visit, just hope we don't wear our welcome out. Glad you are making some headway with the packing and walls. Try not to stress out too much as it will all come together. Try to relax and enjoy the move,
Much love

KathyUSA said...

Now you know why they put carpet on the wall (he he). Well-at least their "your" walls. Good luck with all that!

The kid cookie thing has me laughing out loud!! That's just great.