Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Update

I survived la gastro, realizing in the meantime that I no longer get sick days. Welcome to stay-at-home-motherhood, eh?

Kiddie classes have started, so technically I am working...even if it's not a lot and on Saturdays (boo).

La fille is going to daycare for two half days a week, and loves it. Apparently she just lives her life and goes about her business without problem while I'm not there. I'm both extremely proud and slightly jealous that she doesn't seem to miss me.

And last but not least --

We are the proud owners of a house! With a yard! Even if it is small enough that we could probably cut the grass with scissors, I am excited. We got the keys today and it's officially ours. There are still some small setbacks (one being that it's still not empty yet, and although technically I think that makes the stuff left inside ours, I'm sure they'll come back and get it when they can...I hope...because we don't really want any of that stuff and I seriously doubt it would sell on Ebay) but soon enough we will be able to sleep in our very own bedroom. And maybe, just maybe, we can stop jacking up the bed for extra storage space.


Nymeth said...

Congratulations on your new house!

Leah said...

Felicitations, PMF!!

Madeleine said...

Madeleine ici,aux USA

Ah! j'avais oublie la vilainne "Gastro", chose tres Francaise ainsi que "le foie". Maintenant que je suis une expat. Francaise aux USA je n'aie jamais de gastro et on ne dit pas "My Liver" :} La France me manque, ici aux US quant malade on vous dit "Pull yourself up by your bootstrapps" en France on a le droit de discutter "notre petite maladie en paix" :}

Je me joins a mon amie Nymeth, Congratulation pour votre maison

Pardon My French said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's still kind of weird but I'm getting used to it. There's a lot of work and planning to be done, but I guess that was to be expected!

KathyUSA said...

YEAHHHH!! Great news on the house!!! What a very big deal!!! I bet you are so excited.

"A" cried herself to sleep last night because she dreaded going to preschool today (again). Your so lucky!!!! But she went right in this morning like a trooper. Daddy is going to pick her up early today and take her to the playground.