Friday, August 29, 2008

File This Under You have GOT to be kidding

I have to share this blog post by L.A. en vie, one of my favorite blogs. While I cannot personally claim to be one of the U.S.' shining stars in geography*, I did grow up in a tiny rural southern town a thousand miles from everywhere and our 3rd grade teachers made sure we knew all of our states and state capitals. Hell, I can even sing the states to you in alphabetical order (Fifty, nifty, United States...) although to be fair things do get jumbled up a bit towards the N's. That's still no excuse for not realizing that New Mexico is actually one of the 50 states. Good Lord.

Don't know much about Geography

And I also have a hard time believing that this company would refuse to recall a brand of sleeper bassinet that two infants have died in within the past year -- the bars are spaced too widely apart and the babies slipped through and became entrapped. SFCA Inc bought the previous company's assets at an public auction and claims that it doesn't have any responsibility for products manufactured prior to their purchase. While I understand that it is probably annoying to recall product lines because the outer black line of dolls' pupils are made with lead paint, this is quite a different story. What's the deal?

Recall details are here

*Remembering a tiny hiccup a long, loooooong time ago, in noting the difference between South Africa and southern Africa when meeting my very first South African. I did in fact realize it was a country, but at the time for whatever reason I thought she was giving me a descriptive term.

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