Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Bulls are Back

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This year's Toro Piscine (bulls in the pool!) was not as funny as last year's, but there were still some amusing moments. It's fun when the bulls seem to figure out what they are supposed to do and go for it! It's not so much fun for me when the bulls clearly just want to go home to their little field and smell the flowers, though...

In one of the photos you can see that the bull/cow/whatever is jumping over people who have thrown themselves down in the pool. There are several games that can be played, but the main idea is to get the bull's attention and convince him to run towards you and then through the swimming pool. In order for this to work, obviously, you'll have to get out of his way, thus the flinging yourself down in the pool while he jumps over you. Most of the time it seemed to work, although sometimes the bull did end up landing on people. They got up and limped away, so I guess they were all right.

One of the other games was putting a plastic ring on one of its horns, which entailed getting close enough to put on the ring while running fast enough not to be poked in the ass (some of those photos are also featured). I should probably note that my prize photo features what is called a "Camargue Suppository" -- I think you can figure out which one that is by yourself.

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