Friday, March 28, 2008

Update, in case you were wondering

Well, the cat took the gel capsule of Mopral without too much trouble. The antibiotic, however, is another story. Crushing it up and putting it in tuna didn't work. Hiding it in cheese didn't work. Chopping it up and trying to stuff it in one of those gel capsules didn't work. Currently she has the cheese in her food bowl and I'm waiting to see if she'll give in and eat it once she gets hungry enough. [ETA: At the moment she is woefully sprawled out in front of her food dish, trying to guilt me into putting food into it. I will not be manipulated by my cat.] I feel like Beeyotch McMeany, but have run out of ideas. Once my husband gets home I guess we'll try the tried-and-true option again but I'm pretty sure it's taking hours off of all of our lives.

And I'm also fairly grumpy what with a trip to the doctor's for myself, the efforts with the cat, and a baby who isn't interested in either sleeping or eating. The babe did kindly go down for a miniscule nap so I managed to scarf down an early lunch and I'm getting ready to traipse back outside to deliver a test to the lab, pick up my own medicine and also beg for more of those little gel caplets. I'm going to play pharmacist again and try to get those stupid antibiotics hidden in a caplet and pray she'll take those as well as the Mopral. Then I'll come back home and wash the cat ralph (revenge? Quite possibly) off of my mother's handmade quilt.


Anonymous said...

Well, good to see you are still holding up. I can't wait to get there and give you a small break and let you just go and do whatever you would like, so have a list of things that you might could do that would make you happy for a day or two.Take care of the baby and the cat and maybe take a small break for yourself. Hope the cat is cooperating

KathyUSA said...

And we have pets becausssss - they are good for the heart. MUUUM. Sounds like stress and work to me. She is going to give YOU an ulscer! I have learned that is is much easier to give a pill to a dog. He'll swallow anything! Good luck with tomorrows dose!

Leah said...

I hear ya on giving meds to a kitty. Mine will have none of it. Cats are just too darn smart-they'll eat around a pill burrowed deeply in food or take a bite and then spit it out. I wish you luck, but I have to say maybe go back to the old method. It sounds like it did the trick even if it is a pain. Good luck!