Sunday, March 30, 2008

Only 8 more days to go...

of cat antibiotics.


We ended up wrapping her up in a towel and shooting the pill down her throat with an adapted cough syrup syringe, but it involved so much drama that my husband finally said, "I don't care how much that $#!@ special food at the vet costs, buy it." I never thought of her as particularly clever, but she proved me wrong. I can still give her the Mopral without fail, it's just the antibiotic that is nigh impossible.

So we now have some special stuff from the vet that works pretty much like Play-Doh...I stuff the pill inside it and make it look like one of her kitty kibbles. It works for the most part, although this morning's antibiotics had to go down the hatch with the towel method since she ate all the kibbles except the special two and wouldn't touch them.

She seems to be a little bit better and is not as mopey, so that at least is a weight off my shoulders. And although the vet swears that she isn't as stressed as I think she is, today she jumped a good 2 1/2 feet in the air when the baby let out one of her trademark piercing screeches. Honestly, I think she's just one whisker away from kitty Valium.

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Anonymous said...

It seems there is never a dull moment at your place. I thank you for the blogs as I and the better half usually get a good belly laugh. Sure hope you never have to resort to all those tactic to get medicine in the little one. Our cat is still just one hair away from going back to the zoo if we can't get those claws trimed, he reached up on the counter trying to get the best of his other owner and might near got him, of course,
you know what a tease he is. Oh, well he's out and about with the car thing today and will be back a little later. Have a good one.