Monday, October 08, 2007


I'm sitting here, covered in green beans, carrots and potatoes, just so I can let the world know how advanced my baby is. Really, Kathy wasn't lying when she said I'd have a different baby every 6 months. Who is this child? She looks the same.

Anyway, I don't know how on earth this can possibly be beneficial to anyone, but I've realized that I really do think my baby is advanced in the art of spitting. Who knew? I haven't ever seen it as a developmental milestone, but surely it should be. The left side of my jeans are covered, I've got it in my hair, and we won't go into what she looks like. Her uncanny ability is only the more highlighted by the fact that she quite deliberately, I assure you, leaned over the side of her high chair and spit a mouthful of food on the floor and watched it fall. I moved her chair next to the table in order to try to nip that fun game in the bud, but I clearly see that I'm going to need to be on my toes here.

Oh, yeah, and she said her first word: Blech. Just like that. She once in a while will accidentally babble out consonants but is pretty much sticking to singing vowels, usually in fun places like waiting rooms and weddings, so I was surprised when she all of a sudden demonstrated that she in fact could make new sounds. Blech, Mom, your cooking is crap. And to show you what I think of your silly green beans, here you go: ppppthhhhhhhhhffffffwa. Voila. Ha ha, I even got some on your shoe.

AND let me just take this time to say why didn't you tell me about the solid poop? Here I was blogging away about her first meal and no one warned me what would happen at 4:30 a.m. Thanks, guys.


PutYourFlareOn said...

Max hasn't had a solid poop yet. I mean it's not solid as what we're used to. It's more like mousse au chocolat. Sorry for the imagery.

Sounds like she's enjoying solids way more than Max does. He just kinda grimaces his way through meal time until he gets the boob and then he's happy. Though today he grabbed my quiche (salmon and asparagus) out of my hand and shoved it into his face. That he really wanted to eat. I think we're going to by pass the whole puree stage and he's just going to eat what we eat.

Chris said...

Norah was a companion spitter too.

Oh yeah, poop will never be the same again. lol!