Friday, July 06, 2007

Ca y est

We've had an exciting week filled with both fun and not-so-fun things, that's for sure. We had the bloodwork done last week (harder on me than it was on her, I think) and she doesn't have anemia or apparently any allergies. Today was the fibroscopie (endoscopy), where a doctor took a fibroscope and looked at her eosophagus and stomach. They didn't let the parents stay for that one, of course, which is for the better. We were referred to a pediatric specialist, and I had a good feeling about her instantly, plus Baby E. was only gone from us 10 minutes max. The doctor was honest and said that she threw a fit (quite sensibly) but that it went well. She has a small inflammation of the oesophagus which goes with the diagnosis of silent reflux, but it doesn't seem like it's serious enough to be the main cause of her slow weight gain.

So, we still don't know why she doesn't want to eat at times, but the new specialist wasn't too worried. Our baby apparently has a decent sized head, is smiley and talkative, and has lots of muscle tone, so she can't be doing all that badly. I still feel something is bothering her, but it doesn't seem like a serious illness. She eats better when she's sleepy - meaning at night - but as long as I can hold out with all those night feedings, we'll continue that route. La voila. She's now in the bottom quarter of the weight percentile, so we'll see how this next month goes. We've got some new stuff to try for the oesophagite; if that can help her eat for longer periods of time maybe we can get her back up.

I'll try to update more later, but I'm going to try to put some fat on my baby.

Edited: It's now 4:51 in the a.m. and the baby is wide awake and talking away. She's officially 3 months old today and definitely reached for her Pooh rattle just now -- go baby! I had to get up to clean out her boogers (night booger breathing that gave me no option), and now that I think about it, they could have let me in for that fibroscopie. I mean, she hates the whole booger thing and I don't have an assistant to help me, nor do I get to give her a gel to make it easier. I could have hacked it!


Anonymous said...

Well, she still looks like a little doll and she looks healthy to me, but I'm sure you wish she was chubby cheeked and all, but just count your blessings she won't have that much baby fat to lose and maybe she won't have a weight problem when she's older. Just enjoy the precious little girl.

Deb said...

She looks like a healthy girl to me!

Happy 3 months little E!!!!!

christina said...

Yes, she does look very round and pink to me too. Her face has filled out so much since she was born. Some babies are just naturally slimmer than others and I'm sure she'll be just fine. What a cutie!