Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Okay, so rather than giving you an update about the state of my cervix, today I give you photos of baby animals and sheep shearing. Yesterday we went to a sort of local farm that was having a festival.
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Pure baby animal cuteness
Reminded me of Charlotte's Web

Just plop the sheep on its butt, and voila!

Herding geese is not that easy.

At the sheep shearing exhibition, they played a classic rock anthem but I can't remember which one. It's driving me crazy. Anyway, it was pretty funny at the was something along the lines of Bad to the Bone. I overheard a dad tell his kid, "Look -- the sheep likes it!" Now, I'm not an expert on sheep facial expressions, but to me it was definitely more along the lines of resigned acceptance and not so much enjoyment. I guess they get used to it.

And now some animal pix from the homefront -- enjoying the calm before the storm:

I gots me a fuzzy pillow!


Anonymous said...

So the kitty sure looked comfy. The farm animals looked charming and you must have had a good day dreaming of home on the range. Good to see you still can enjoy life regardless of the condition.
Have a great day and make you soon rest in comfort with the little one.

Reb said...

that cat knows it's the calm before the storm. Our poor cats got depressed when the baby came, resorting to self-mutilation (causing ear damage) and opening the front door at night (very intelligent cat).

angela said...

The last days are the worst..mine were both born on their French due dates so I was glad I'd gone with that.
Lovely photos especially the cat.