Friday, September 08, 2006

A little better...

The sun has brought me a better mood, apparently. Maybe it's the Vitamin D...who knows? I've resumed teaching a few classes here and there, which also helps. I had a nice visit with my friend, Helen, whose natural exuberance tends to spread to those around her. I've also reconnected with another long-lost college friend and have seen/talked to my local copines in France, so I really need to enjoy the things I have. Life is good.

Yesterday I had a long talk with one of my "France" friends about future directions and I left her house really motivated. She's a good person for that since she's a mover and shaker herself, and I think is in agreement with me that we all make our own luck. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to go ahead and get up off of that pity pot and do something for yourself. I've got a few ideas -- can't really call them plans yet -- and have started poking around French sites on the internet to figure out what my options are. It was also time to remind myself that I moved to France with plenty of confidence in myself, and endless clouds and CDD contracts shouldn't be enough to bring me down. I'm not sure if I will need to get another degree, but if I do, then I'll do it. If I have to endure this weather, I might as well take advantage of the universities in Paris. I just don't want to actually spend money on my education after managing to get graduate assistantships in the past. I want to put it all in the house fund! I long for the day I am able to buy lawn furniture and have a place to put it.

On a completely different subject, I have to say that one thing I didn't expect about moving to France was all the ironing. I've been ironing and ironing and I still have this huge stack of my husband's work shirts to go through. Our iron is complete that I know better, I will never buy the cheapest iron and ironing board again. Little did I know. My goal for today is to get most of it done, go back to the institute and ask (again) about my contract (where is it where is it where is it), and visit with a friend. Tomorrow I don't have to work, so we're planning on taking an overnight trip back to Bourgogne. This time, I really will post pictures of my trip...

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Pam said...

The iron got my attention in this post! I too bought the crappiest iron upon arrival here thinking Good Enough. HA! After a year of I Hate This Good Enough Iron, I finally got a Rolls Royce sort of one, YAY!

I'm glad you have those movers and shakers around you for inspiration!