Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Getting a little better...

Today I feel better, despite the continually crap weather. I slept well for the first night in ages, and I'm sure that had a lot to do with it! I had the high school group today and they were very nice and enthusiastic. Plus, I got a fabulous package from my dear mother that included lots of good stuff (I've already eaten too many of the Reese's Cups). It totally made my day! Thanks, Mom!

At the post office, I saw the grouchy lady being really kind to a foreign student who seemed to barely speak any French, bless his heart. He just seemed totally lost and was trying to send a package to his home country, but it was covered in what looked like knots of caution tape. It was the raggediest looking package I'd ever seen...not to be unkind, but I just don't know how he did it or how he thought it could possibly be sent through the mail. There wasn't any line, so the lady made him bring it over, and as I left she had scissors and was helping him get it into shape. She was so sweet to him that it made me feel better. I know his life must be difficult here.


guffie said...

I hate to say it, but sometimes it is good to see someone who speaks worse French than me. Feels like I have accomplished a little! And not everyone in France is mean and waiting to pounce on you (seems like people think that). People take pity on me often. Sometimes I get mad because I try hard to blend in and they pick me right out and do that, "you are foriegn so I will taaaaalk sloooower annnnnddd LLLOOUUDDEERRR" bit. My husband says, "hey, they were trying to be nice!" But I want them to not be nice, like if I was really French!
I'm hard to please. ; )

OOOOOO Reese's......yum!

Michelle said...

Hang in there...it seems like the ups and downs hit particularly hard when living as an ex-pat. The down always catches me off guard and the normal things and the support that I used to have to pull back up aren't there.

I always keep a Reese's stash in the freezer. Unfortunately my German boyfriend has decided to buck German tradition and love peanut butter. He gets a mischievous look in his eye and says, I think right now I want a Peanut Butter Tub. No idea why he won't call it a cup.

Anonymous said...

Loved your blog and wrote, but couldn't send because of the picture bit, will try and figure that one out.
Glad the postmistress has a heart after all maybe a small one, but at least one.
Have a great weekend and hope the sun shines on you.