Sunday, December 06, 2009

So Many Reasons to Love My Husband...

Here are but two:

1) He dug up and carried all the cursed gravel out of the back yard (through the house, bucketful by bucketful). Then he put in a patio. It's not worth a photo yet since the flowerbeds and veggie patch look terrible and I'm too ashamed of that, but we are all pretty impressed with him. And I'm so happy that the gravel is out of there, although technically it's not actually gone since it's piled up in the front yard like our own miniature Buffalo Mountain. I'm sure the neighbors love us (but won't they be jealous when they see that patio).

2) Today he built me a sewing desk since I didn't have anywhere to put my machine. It's very basic -- we bought the legs at IKEA and then he cut a board to the size I wanted, but it's dead cheap and I couldn't find anything that fit the dimensions I wanted, and I wouldn't have been able to make one as nice as he did, that's for sure.

Love you, sweet cheeks.

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