Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Another Late State of the Union Address

We've just returned from our second vacation down south to the in-laws' for a wedding. Who would have ever thought I'd have a life in which we'd take our cat on vacation to the Mediterranean (and the Alps, for that matter)?

The week before we left, I harvested close to 4 kilos of tomatoes from the garden. Some friends of the family helped us out while we were gone and picked the ripe ones, and I am still picking 'maters! This weekend I'm going to make sauce and freeze it. And I don't want mean to brag (well, maybe only a little) -- but they are seriously the best tomatoes I've ever had in my life. Food is just so much better when you grow it yourself!

Bo Bella is still a hoot. As soon as we got back, she noticed that the cat's bowl was empty and took it upon herself to fill it up. She went over to the bag, unfastened the zip-lock opening, took the scoop and made several trips over to the bowl, and then even closed the bag back up. I know it isn't rocket science or anything, but it's just fascinating to me to see her do little stuff like this on her own, without being asked or shown. They do grow up so fast!

This week she returned to the halte-garderie, where she'll now go for one full day a week. We also took her trike out to the forest and collected various bits and bobs to make a nest for the squirrels, which was a lot of fun for us both. Yesterday we went to a recently opened indoor playground with several other anglophone mothers and today we made scones with a Scottish friend and her son. Life is good!


Chris said...

Homegrown tomaotes are the best. I only got a few but I made salsa last night with them. So good!


Beth said...

Sounds good! I can't get tomatoes to grow up where we live. Cabbages and potatos work best.

Angela in Europe said...

I ate a ton of Arkansas maters when I was home this summer. I kept thinking the same just tastes better when you grow it yourself (my parents did the growing, but you get the idea). So glad to read that your garden worked out for you! I wish I lived near you, I'd come and rake leaves or something for some good ripe tomatoes right about now.

Kathy said...

Oh how wonderful! Congrat's on the garden!!! I so agree about food tasting better grown on your own. Our corn was wonderful! Now we have sunflowers that are unbelievable.

I'm in California right now and had a minute to catch up. Posted a few pic's today. Take a look when you get the chance.