Friday, April 03, 2009

Why Stop When I'm On a Roll?

Bouncing off my earlier customer service post, I'll explain about my lucky shopping day. Bo Bella will be 2 on Tuesday, so I thought I'd take advantage of her full day at the public day care (thank you, socialism) to find her a few presents. At the secondhand shop, I found a little toddler art desk for 10 euros. Twice as much as the kitchen still seems pretty cheap, so I dragged it home.

Then I went to one of the dreaded box stores I mentioned, but still managed to negotiate myself a discount on a display model of a toddler-sized, fold-up garden chair. As Andi commented below, I did say my bonjour and I chose my employee carefully. It was still more expensive than I wanted to pay and not a necessity by any means, but I wanted her to have it. Silly, I know, especially since the point is to run around and lie on the grass. When she is tired from all that playing and running and laying, then she can sit in her chair. Everyone needs a chair, right? That's what I am telling myself.

On that front, she is definitely playing inside the yard now instead of trying to figure out how to unlock the gate and escape into the big, wide world. I think she's just toying with me until she figures out how to drag a box over to the gate and get it open while my back is turned.

On the not-so-successful socializing front, I was criticized for my choice of parking spot by another mom at the day care. The day care parking drama is something I haven't talked about, primarily because it's boring and partly because I'm too ashamed to admit that I seem to have either depth perception or personal space issues when it comes to parking. I'll avoid parallel parking at all costs and pull in behind someone whenever I can. Which is what I did today, lost in my thoughts, and Other Mom not-so-nicely informed me I was bothering others with my choice of parking and should move into one of the other parallel spots. Which I did (despite the fact I was in a legally marked parking space and she had parked facing the wrong direction, so technically my inconveniencing her was her own damn fault), but she could have been nicer about it.

Now I've really got to stop procrastinating and finish preparing for my class!


Beth said...

I know why you couldn't resist: tiny chairs are just so darn CUTE!
Good job on the bargain-hunting.

Angela in Europe said...

Oh that sucks. I would hate to be told how to park. And the way they parallel park here, my god, I have never seen so much 'bumping' in my life.

Pardon My French said...

Well, the good news is that she does enjoy her chair! Now if we can just find some good weather...

I am guilty of accidental bumping myself, but I know what you mean -- I've seen people wedge themselves into minuscule parking spots by vigorously bumping the vehicles ahead of and behind them. I always wonder how they get out, and always think of that Friends episode.

Pardon My French said...
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sue said...