Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Events of the Day

(pointedly ignoring the $)@%*(#! housing loan application)

* Someone threw themselves under the train my husband was riding to work. That sucked.

* I was cleaning the Babe's nose - not a fun task for either of us - when she said, "Garble gabiwvlmcshu kunchee BOOGER" in a voice that was both pitiful and pissed off. But maybe you had to be there.

* Discovered I have a knitting disability, apparently. Continued working on the Babe's Easter Bunny (oh, well, maybe next year), watching the freaking Phildar video and starting over about 12 times. I'm hopeless.

* Made some pretty tasty food: pumpkin, potato and pea soup with pasta for lunch, and a spinach/quinoa/cottage cheese thing for dinner along with a tomato salad made with one of the best 'maters I have ever tasted.

* Giggled inside at my daughter when she tried to win over strangers by shouting "Bonshooooor" whenever they approached. Middle school aged boys are tough customers, though.


bookchronicle said...

You should share the soup recipe!

Papadesdeux said...

I don't want to depress you, but our boy at 4 still can't properly blow his nose. The girl has been able to for over a year, but he has some sort of weird block about forcing air through his nose. (Your post reminded my of those "fun" moments of holding little wriggling, screaming bodies in a head-lock and squeezing the little tubes of saline solution up the nose.)
PS: another total escapist fantasy/scifi fan.

C. said...

Hahaha our girls must be around the same age. I find it really hard not to laugh whenever mine screams 'Bye Bye' in Leclerc or wherever we are at every single passing person.

Pardon My French said...

Oh, bookchronicle - I would love to but it was one of those experiments where I kept adding things and it ended up tasty quite by accident! Let's see... I cut up one of the small French pumpkins, steamed it along with the potatoes and peas and blended it with the water until it had a soup-like consistency. The secret ingredient was garlic, though! And then I cooked up some organic "pumpkin" pasta and added it to it as well since sometimes my daughter likes the texture. We both loved it! My latest throw stuff in the soup pot attempt failed miserably (cauliflower/curry with some mystery vegetables) and my husband refused to eat it. Oh, well.

Pdes2 - Huh...well, I'll try not to think about 3 more years of this. I'm trying not to traumatize her too much, but we figure that's a given. She's got the word down and she's also figured out that her finger will fit up her nostril so right now it's all fun and games!

C. - oh, that's pretty funny! She's moved through her bonshooor phase and into a screaming one (a high-pitched "Yaaaah!") since not everyone hears/responds to her efforts to gain attention. She's already made 3 people practically jump out of their shoes, but so far it's kind of a tough behavior to extinguish. Hoping it will be a short phase!