Sunday, July 06, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety jog

We headed down south for a cousin's wedding; the babe and I stayed for a week while the husband brought home the bacon. My in-laws and I took Stinkerbella to the beach for the first time and she had a blast. She loved the water and the sand, collected plenty of seashells, and toddled towards any kids she happened to spot. She can say her name now and has added et voila, la bague ("la ba") and la montre ("la mon") to her vocabulary, along with the inevitable mamie and papi. But only when she wants to. I've been working hard on English but that took a back seat this past week. The only progress is that she will sing "Row, row, row..." but gets mad if I continue with "...your boat, gently down the stream" so it becomes "Row, row, row NO NO NO." Twinkle, twinkle is now for losers, man, and NO duets, please thank you.

The only drawback is that she's been under the weather but holding up rather well in spite of everything. As I said before, she enjoyed the beach and isn't consistently cranky, but tomorrow it needs to be taken care of. Am trying hard not to worry too much; not doing a very good job. Also need to find time to take the cat, who has developed a mysterious limp, to the vet and then at some point this week I suppose I'll be heading to the prefecture to stand in line for my interim papers until the stars align and they grant me the carte de sejour. Still intending to write about the house but have someone to attend to...

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KathyUSA said...

Sounds like a great trip!! We went on vacation too. Aren't the kids so cute around the water. Ab came back with a little snuffy nose and is a bit under the weather too. So sad to see them sniffy!