Sunday, June 01, 2008

First Steps

Not only for the baby, but for us too -- we're going house/apartment hunting today.

The baby is walking more than crawling now, and it's both awesome and weird to see her growing up so fast. Yesterday we played a bluegrass CD for the first time in ages and immediately she started grinning and wiggling in her chair. Sunday mornings are usually reggae mornings but today we're jamming to some Waylon (not sure if this is a welcome change for the neighbors or not). This new stage is presenting new challenges, but there's also a whole new level of fun, too.

I know I haven't blogged a lot about the changes we've had going on, although I have started posts, but was interrupted and then never got around to finishing them. We ended up making the choice to stay in la region Parisienne instead of moving to les Vosges and it was not necessarily an easy one to make. I still miss the mountains and still long for a lilac bush to a degree that I know is silly, but in the end we felt it was best for everyone to stay around here.

We still have choices to make now, though, since my husband's daily commute is so long (3 hours total per day). We love our town but it's just so far from his job. On the other hand, it's a perfect mix of town/country for both of our needs...I'm a country girl and need to see some trees on a daily basis, and my husband is a city boy and wants to be able to walk to the bakery.

We've looked around the area where my husband works, and what we've discovered is that we can't afford to buy anything much bigger than what we have right now that's close enough to warrant moving out of town. Since we're currently sleeping in the living room after giving up the (one) bedroom to the baby, it's looking like proximity is less important that the fact that we need 3 bedrooms.

So, we made some calls and are starting the process of finding out what we can have here and how that will impact the commute. Maybe we'll still move somewhere else, maybe not...but it's exciting and a little scary to start the visits. Wish us luck, and if anyone has good advice of what to look for, it's certainly welcome!


KathyUSA said...

How exciting!! Something new is alway a new beginning. D and I are so different in our desires of living quarters. I want bigger - he want's smaller. I want a basement - he don't. I wish it was in the trees - he dosen't want any trees close to the house. It's a hoot. The key is to always look at each other and laugh. Take this little piece of advice and USE IT. Laugh! Even talk about how you are going to laugh before you get there. I'll be praying you'll find the perfect place, and soon.

Anonymous said...

What a dear friend you have in the USA. She is precious. so take the good advice and keep laughing even at the small things. Good Luck on the house hunting and may it be the perfect one for the both of you. One close to work so he doesn't spend all his time away from home and the perfect neighbor hood for good schools and great neighbors and a great Library for you.