Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Okay. I'm back and feeling better. I've started several blog posts about on-going post-pregnancy issues but am not sure if I want to write about those publicly or not. Anyway...

THANK GOD FOR THE SUN. We've had a run of brilliant weather and have really tried to take advantage of it. It was wonderful to finally get out and hike around in the woods again after a long absence. We bought a pack for The Babe and my husband totes her around on his back and she rubs his head and yells like a wild animal. We've kept it more or less local, except for one fateful trip to the Normandy Coast where we tried to eat at a restaurant and I immediately realized that ham sandwiches and bottled water will be the norm for the next 17 years.

Oh, and I didn't blog about this, but my mom came for the baby's first birthday! I was so excited to have her here, and the baby sure appreciated it as well. Granny taught her to say "Up!" and she's saying it all. the. time. To me, to my friends, to random people we come across in the park who don't exactly understand but are nice enough to smile at her anyway...

Little Napoleon(ne)* is jabbering more and more. Her first word that she managed to use (mostly) correctly was go. She's also got bye-bye, bravo, this, and no no no down pat along with the ever-present UP!, along with her own versions of cracker and balloon. Sometimes I wonder if there are more French words that she's saying and I'm just too slow to pick up on it. Dunno.

I've still been going to the market every week and love that with all of my heart and soul. It seems like a small thing, but has made a big difference in our overall quality of life, I think. I've been discovering new vegetables and getting a better handle on seasonal vegetables. Although you can't really deny the convenience of being able to buy celery or green beans whenever you feel like it, I'm starting to prefer being able to talk to the person that grows my vegetables and plan menus around whatever is growing at the moment. Plus it's nice to have the farmers recognize us when we show up!

Here are a few photos from our walks. I hope to start posting more Wednesday photos again and maybe I'll even get off my butt and try videos soon!

Here are some of the birds I actually recognized at the Chateau de Sauvage...gorgeous area but I totally needed some help identifying some of the wildlife.

Well, I knew this one too, obviously.

I felt like I was in the land of the fairies.

A view of some of the fountains at Versailles. If I'm not mistaken, these are some of the ones that American funding helped to restore.

*She may be small, but she tries to intimidate.


KathyUSA said...

Oh how wonderful to see you posting!!! I've missed you. The hike looks just lovely!!! The weather here has been more wet that dry so we've not been able to get out much. And the grass has gotten tall at the farm (d is bush-hogging today). "Ab" got two ticks this weekend while we were there & so did I. Are there ticks in France??

Veggies - - you are so good at trying new things! We told "10yr-D" he has to have a healthy night snack during the week, except for Firday's (then it's open menue). He has an expanding waist line problem. I bought some veggies and fruit today to encourage our new rule. Fruit always wins out over veggies with my kids. But oddly enough, he loves Broccily.

Come by and see my posts when you have time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other usa that it's good to have you back. I've missed seeing all the fun things you do although we do talk. I didn't hear about Normandy I guess that will be another phone call. I loved the pictures of the flamigo
beautiful birds and, of course, the parks are really wonderful.
Wish I were there with you, but keep smiling and posting.