Thursday, February 21, 2008

A New Nickname's in Order

And not because any teeth have arrived, unfortunately. BBG is now just a little bit more mobile since she's figured out how to use her walker:

Initially I was a bit disappointed in this thing because of the lack of stability. When we first got it, she'd trip over the back wheels and lurch around like she'd had a bit too much tequila, and trying to hang on to her as she wobbled around was killing our backs. On a whim, I got it back out yesterday and was amazed that after a gentle prod, Baby Bumpy Gums took right off and staggered out of the living room, across the hall, and into her bedroom. By herself. Obviously she's not that good at steering yet and has a tendency to veer to the left, but she's figuring it out. It's so much better than TV, let me tell you. So, what's the next one? Speedy Gonzales? Li'l Bill (as in Elliott)? Since we're here maybe we should go Formula 1, which I know nothing about. I'm open to suggestions.


PutYourFlareOn said...

That's funny because Max veers totally to the right when he walks. I didn't know if the walker would work out in the beginning, he seemed to be hurting himself more than having fun but now that he's got better balance, he's taken huge leaps and bounds. He's even figured out how to sort of turn it around. Oh, the possibilities.

Can you believe our babies are going to be walking any day now?!

Chris said...

Sounds like fun! The walker is so cute. There's an F1 dude named Jenson Button. I bug hubby by saying, "Aw, Button. What a cute name!" Takes the some of the manliness out of it. Maybe Lil Button.

Anonymous said...

so cute my what a love. Can't wait to see pictures of this.
Had a great time in Williamsburg, but also glad to get home. No ice or snow though. Dad is in the mountain trying to find some work for me.
Love you

Sarah said...

Speed Racer!

Love from Maine

KathyUSA said...

How about "Speedy". Or "Giddy-up". It won't be long until you're saying, "Oh please sit down". Just wait and see. You'll be thinking back to the day when she was stationary! Ha! No really, it's great news. Exciting news actually! Ye haa!