Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Bumpy Gums -- 10 month update

I am hopelessly behind in journaling her progress. There's no excuse, really, but I'll get to it someday even if I have to be inventive with dates. Where shall I start...

My husband and I grow more enamoured with her every day. She's still pretty much bald and toothless and small for her age, but even if she stays this way we both are pretty confident her temperament will make up for it. Everyone who meets her says (in a nice way) that she'll be hot-tempered, from my friends to the in-laws to the pediatricians she's met so far. Who does she get this from? *whistling, looking the other way* Anyway, she's still at the age where this is very cute. Ask me how I'm doing in a year and I may give you a very different story. Go ahead and just send sympathy cards when she's a teenager.

She has 6 teeth (yes, 6!) that are just sitting just underneath her gums. This has gone on for way too long, poor thing. I'm trying not to obsess about the fact that I have somehow dentally stunted her, and instead be grateful that she can't really bite me (yet). Although she's still mostly a cute li'l baldy, her hair color seems to take after me so at least that will be one form of proof that she's really mine and I'm not in fact her nanny.

Bumpy Gums loves to be walked around the house and is becoming more coordinated and less like Gromit in his techno-trousers with each passing day. One of her favorite activities is chasing the cat 'round the house, and I hope to high heaven I can eventually get a video of her kicking it into overdrive because it amuses us to no end. The cat, on the other hand, seems less than enthralled with this new development and I have a suspicion she'll soon be expressing her dissatisfaction by ralphing in someone's slipper.

BBG is responding more and more to music and seems to have some favorites -- Mother Popcorn and I Got You by James Brown as well as, randomly, Straight On by Heart. She's drawn like a moth to a flame to anything with wires, with buttons, and to the bowl of cat food. If she comes across anything remotely paper-like in her path, she will tear it to incredibly teeny-tiny bits with all the zest and grunts of a person going for the Guiness World Record of Paper Destroying. This child means business. Maybe we can rent her out as a paper shredder to make some extra cash.

Language-wise, well, it's hard to say. There are times when we're both sure she knows things and then she'll go and ignore us, and we'll be left wondering if she really is giving us the baby version of "talk to the hand" or if we were just deluded to think she understood us in the first place. At any rate, she clearly informs me without needing to talk that she will not be treated as a trained monkey and will not do patty-cake if she doesn't danged well feel like it.

Sometimes she will play peek-a-boo and patty-cake in both languages, she'll sometimes pat her head when asked to in both languages, she'll act out the goofy "wheeeeeeeee!" gesture my sister taught her (although she just yells "AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh,") and she tries to meow (although it comes out backwards as "ah-owm"). She does say mama and dada pretty consistently but I'm not yet convinced that she is naming us as such. She tends to say "mama" when she's peeved or upset about something, so you never know. I've been the one to do the dirty jobs that piss her off so maybe I'm guilty by association.

I taught her to gently bump our foreheads together and she has since foregone bumping foreheads with me to bumping foreheads with everyone else, particularly that good-looking baby in the mirror. My husband just taught her to give kisses, and I crave those so much I'm thinking about giving up moisturizing sunscreen and instead slathering myself with jarred fruit or maybe even Nutella. The one thing she definitely has down is the head shake that means "NO." She's got that one for sure.

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Anonymous said...

WE love the blogs and don't think the love will be hot tempered and D says you will have to put a bell on the Baby bumpy gums instead of the cat. Tigger is still as mean as ever, but we love him and it's time for bed have a great day and will talk to you soon.