Saturday, December 15, 2007


I'm a little anxious and the baby is asleep, so what better way to pass the time than by blogging? Well, I could be packing, but what's the fun of that if you don't do it in a panicked, last-minute rush? I have my last little person class before the break. We're doing the unavoidable Christmas carol, the unavoidable Christmas themed games and then the series video. For a treat my mother kindly sent over hot chocolate mix (with marshmallows!) and as stirrers they'll use those mini candy canes. Very sugary, but kind of cute. I've actually found weird looking candy canes (bah) here on Thursday, but they still don't seem to be the same. I also discovered that you can't by styrofoam cups here but are sold plastic coffee cups with little handles.

I need to start up my teaching blog again, not that I'm really teaching a lot (it's more like a hobby these days) but to see if I can manage to get my little people classes to where I'd like them. I'm doing the usual once-a-week fare with bits and pieces of my old style since it seems so difficult to get them into a non-formulaic place...they do experiment a little bit with English but it's still very slow. The varying age group also throws a kink into things, but all in all I guess I'm pleased with how things go. I guess I'm accepting that I do more FLEX (foreign language exposure) than an authentic language course but I want to get as close to best practice as I can. The kids seem to like coming to class, so at least they're enjoying English for the moment.

Babbella is now the new fitting nickname for Slo-J. She just woke up, so I'll have to get back to the babbling bit later.

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the fabulous adventures of sarah said...

Am I going to be able to see you and Slo-J in our hometown?

I hope so!!