Sunday, October 28, 2007



That's all I have to say 'bout that.

Yesterday I was getting in the car and had to move the seat up since my husband drove on Wednesday. This has happened before, of course, but it shocked me a little to realize that I hadn't driven in 4 days and on those days of not driving I was still out and about.

On one of those days I took public transportation (egad -- how do mothers with strollers negotiate all those stairs in train stations? Or people with wheelchairs?) and the rest I was on foot. I use the stroller waaaaaaay more than I do the car seat. I thought I was definitely a country girl but I have to say it's convenient to be within walking distance of everything I need. That's the tradeoff for the yard with a lilac bush.

My sister is coming very soon to meet the baby, and I've got a couple of cultural trips planned for us in Paris and Versailles. I might as well take advantage of her strong arms to help me carry the stroller. We're just starting to resume sightseeing activity with Fang(s) and she seems to be doing okay, as long as we have the Baby Bjorn with us when she wants to be able to see look around. She keeps warm in the pink fuzzy teddy bear overalls that Aunt Linda sent (many thanks!), so she stands out from the crowd and gets a lot of comments. So far she hasn't bitten any admirers, but the day is coming, I think.

Yesterday I saw a bunch of little kids dressed up as pumpkins downtown around 1 p.m. Apparently there was some kind of Halloween event going on, but it's just not the same without major community participation. In the holiday spirit I am going to prepare a pumpkin dessert and watch my Charlie Brown special, and figure out what to do for Thanksgiving. Since The Sis will be here I'll have one other person who will appreciate my pinto beans and cornbread.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy your big Sis is coming to see the darling girl. Hope you both have a wonderful time
Do enjoy the visit for they seem to go by so fast. Take lots of pic's so we can see.
It seems you have found some time to read.
Your little one will enjoy the trips with books as much as you do so just keep reading and she will see how much fun it can be.
Don't forget to enjoy every moment.

Riana Lagarde said...

enjoy the beans and cornbread and lmao at fang(s) biting someone... that would be really funny!