Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wow, it's been a while...

So much for my attempts to blog more. The older Slobberella gets, the more of my attention she requires. She does play by herself some, but those are the times that I can eat, shower, or clean. Blogging has fallen by the wayside.

Anyway, for the updates:

We went to our first wedding with the baby! Those of you who know me well know why I couldn't leave the baby behind, so off to the town of Cognac we drove. It went surprisingly well. She was pretty interested in all the new stuff to look at, so as long as we let her stand on our legs and look around, she was pretty happy. She talked a little bit, but was quiet for the most part.

Even more amazingly, she was not the youngest baby, not by far. There were 5 or 6 (or more) that were younger than she. They were all good although by the end of the ceremony, most of us were out in the parking lot strolling the babes around. It was a very religious, very long mass.

It was a typical French wedding in many ways with lots of good food and drink. It was fun. I was also impressed by the couple's thoughtfulness in providing for the young kids: there was a separate room with toys, a changing table and sleeping mattresses, PLUS a babysitter (seemed to be a teenage niece or someone along those lines). There was also a quiet space for nursing mothers or for sleeping babies, though most of the babies, Slobberella included, hung with the parents in the dining hall. We played Pass the Baby (who obviously was too nosy to fall asleep), but it worked all in all. Apparently this is par for the course here on the Continent; children are not uncommon at weddings and I was told there's usually a space like this provided for them.

This week I also had to take Slobberella to have her pelvis x-rayed. There seems to be an issue here in that many of the people I've talked to about it have said, "Oh, yeah, my daughter had that, too, but it was nothing serious." I have to show the pediatrician the results, but the problem should resolve itself at some point.

I also started "teaching" again this week -- I have one private lesson and one class of little ones, so it's not really work (more like a hobby). The in-laws are helping out with child care, and I would like to take this opportunity to give my MIL some props for not only watching the baby but for bringing dinner over as well. Very, very nice of her to do, plus she has been very supportive and positive. I am not planning on really returning to work until Slobberella is at school (along with any potential sibling), but 2 hours a week is very doable for the moment.

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