Friday, September 07, 2007

It's official

We have our very own Franco-American! She has been officially documented as a citizen of both nations. We think this is very cool. She did very well during her first trip to Paris and was very interested by the people in the Embassy waiting area. Several women got big toothless grins...she's discovering that she usually gets a reaction from smiling at strangers. It's been good for me, too, since lots of people will start up friendly conversations when she's out with me, especially in the baby carrier.

We walked around Paris for a little while, just long enough for her to go to sleep in her pram. We even got to eat out for lunch for the first time in ages and ages, although it was a very quick meal consisting of a croque monsieur and green salad. (A croque monsieur is the French version of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, so you can't really order something faster than that). She was doing so well that we toyed with the idea of staying in Paris for the rest of the afternoon, but in the end we came home and all took celebratory naps which, sad to say, was much more satisfying. Sleep is valuable.


Reb said...


If you asked for a social security number beware! We never heard back about our request and it wasn't until I called, over a year later, that they told me i should have received something by mail a month after my request. so if you don't hear from the US Embassy in a month or so, chase it up.

Deb said...


I need to do that at some point too.