Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blogger issues and Month 4

I'm going to try and keep up blogging...I haven't written regularly and that's because I've been going through a bit of a tough time, as some of you know. Things are okay now and there may be a therapeutic blog in the works. I'm torn on whether I really want to post about it, because in the grand scheme of things I was probably just not handling things well and don't want to get too melodramatic on a public blog. But anyway...

In attempting to change to the updated Blogger layout format, certain things (like Sitemeter and my links) have disappeared from my blog. They are showing up in theory when I look at my template layout, but not in reality. (Is there really a reality when it comes to my blogger page? It still pretty much seems like magic to me. Eh, I don't have time to think about that). I guess I'll have to go back, scrutinize, and redo everything in HTML, but that will take time as I don't know jack all about this stuff. Until then, I'm pretty much bummed that I can't keep track of all the Google searches on Dolly Parton's big knockers that end up at my blog. Oh, and for the record, I was able to change my header thanks to this person. I know it looks a little ghetto but it's my very own ghetto, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without her.

Now, for the baby update: we spent a large part of our morning smiling at each other. I cannot tell you how this makes me feel without getting overly sappy and sentimental. I was never a baby person before I had my own -- let's face it, other people's babies scared me and still sometimes do -- but I am so glad I have my little girl. We just have big grinning contests for no reason.

Another fun thing is our laughing contests. She isn't doing the real cute, feminine tinkly laughs but makes a gutteral sound that is a cross between an old man and a Muppet. So part of our days sounds like this:

Me: Ha. Ha ha HA!
Her: Heh. ... Heh. Heh. Heh. HEEEEHHHHH! and repeat. But maybe you just have to be there.

She is blowing bubbles and that also is pretty funny. She can eat so much better now and sometimes she will tell me she is finished by blowing raspberries on my boob (a "pffffffffthhhhhhhht" sound) and then smiling at me. Very cute, except when she decides to chomp down with her bony gums. That part isn't so funny.

Sometimes she'll roll over but she's not consistent. I'm trying not to fixate on this as doctors still comment on how much muscle tone she has and I really think she is fine, overall.

Another favorite thing is still staring at her hands although she's getting less and less crosseyed as she does so. She totally looks like she's on drugs when she does this, wiggling her fingers with that mouth-open fascinated face. Totally "Like, whoa, dude."

Okay, I'm done now. I needed that.

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Deb said...

Aren't babies the best?! It's amazing to see them learn new things and develop a little personality of their own.