Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Still here

No change. I felt better today...did quite a bit of cleaning (only out of guilt) and a labor dance, plus baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies. My husband is pretty cheerful these days, seeing as how the activity that got me into this mess can apparently get me out of it. The midwife officially sanctioned said activity (lots and LOTS, she said), although sometimes I wonder if it really is scientifically effective or if it's just a ploy to distract us both and put me in a better mood. Whatever. I guess it helps compensate for the ranting.


Pam said...

: )
Whatever it takes!

Hoping all goes well for you - and soon!!!

Doc said...

It's not 'the acticity', it's the results of the activity. Orgasms stimulate the uterus.

jchevais said...

Dude, I can tell you...

The activity worked for us. My poor OB/Gyn... ;-)

Pardon My French said...

Pam -- thanks for the support!

Doc -- yeah, I didn't put that but they were also pretty specific: Good sex, with orgasm, and LOTS of sperm (which contains chemicals that can help ripen my cervix). Yee haw!

Jchevais -- Well, that's all the encouragement we need! :)