Sunday, April 01, 2007

Labor or Nothing

I am at the point where I'm scrutinizing every single change in my body from the way my hair curls to the length of my toenails to see if there's ANYTHING, anything at all in the way of a sign of impending labor. So far, I've got nothing so I'm enlisting your help. C'mon and help me overanalyze. This is my first time at setting up a poll service, so we'll see how it goes. With no further ado, today's daily installment of "Labor or Nothing?"


Erica said...

This is so funny!! Regarding the previous post about Chevy Chase, my mom's waters broke after watching a comedy and laughing for 2 hours! So, get as many Chevy Chase movies as you can get and get laughing!!

Anonymous said...

It will happen ready or not.