Tuesday, April 24, 2007

For the grandparents and aunt

I really need to figure out how to do the Flickr thing or get on one of those photosharing websites, but not as badly as I need to learn how to take a decent baby picture. These still crack me up, though. One of my husband's friends gave us a nice compliment (I think) -- he said our baby was one of the first that didn't look like Winston Churchill, but sometimes I'm not so sure. She's still gorgeous to me, though, jowls and all.


the fabulous adventures of sarah said...

she is SO cute!!!


Jennifer said...

Ah, just look at those cheeks. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my what a doll.
She's a real cutie.
No Winston Churchill here.

Erica said...

She looks so cute!

Angela in Europe said...

ahhh, the winston churchill comment. what every mother wants to hear!

Suz said...

I happened upon your blog a little while ago--can't remember the trail that led me there--but I just want to say these are my favorite baby pictures ever! What a doll!