Monday, April 30, 2007

Another thing I did not know and A new favorite

A while back I'm pretty sure I told my mother, "I reckon I have enough onesies for a newborn! It'll be okay." This was before I knew that babies could seemingly defeat the laws of gravity by shooting poop upward, out of their diaper, and through two layers of clothing (along with quite excellent odiferous and sound effects). Nothing but fun times with baby, I tell you.

So now I know. There's never such a thing as "too many onesies." Once I manage to get back inside the hallowed halls of Carrefour, I will be stocking up on the next size. Sheesh.

Baby E has managed to find her thumb a couple of times and I can hold her attention for a bit longer while trying to interact with her. She's still pretty much in the larva stage but we like her a lot, nevertheless. I think she smiled at the fish on her bouncy chair (which provoked extreme jealousy on my part, damn fish)...maybe it was just gas. I want a smile for ME more than anything. In the spirit of "saving for our house" I've been making sort-of-toys for her. She really likes the origami crane mobile we made for the handle of her bed, and I'm getting increased stare time at a bunch of old ribbons tied to a chopstick. Cost = $0, Using all these potential savings as leverage to get my husband to buy something I really want (i.e., baby swing) even though it will take up space in our teeny apartment = priceless.

In other news, now that the hormones are receding I find myself able to have my former relationship with France back. I'm happy to be here again, despite the times I wonder if I'll ever make it until the next feeding. Someone told me I'll always be attached to the place where I had my first baby, and I can understand how that happens now.

The cat is doing as well as can be expected. She had another one of her panic attacks the night before I was induced, but since we had seen this before I managed to calm her back down fairly quickly. I don't know how she knows, but she does. She did this the night before we moved to France as well, but that was the first time and it freaked me out. These days she hangs out in her basket and has sniffed the baby a few times but other than that, goes on about her life. Which is, let's face it, basically eating and sleeping. I've been working hard at getting her to let me pet her with my feet since both hands are generally occupied these days, but I can't say she really enjoys it yet. If I only had longer toes, maybe.

And for my new favorite -- Lindt dark chocolate with hazelnuts. Oh, man, I love my husband for buying these for me. Don't know how many prunes I'm going to have to eat in order to offset any negative after effects, but I don't care.


Carter-Ann said...

I know, I don't really understand how baby poop can travel so far within a nanosecond. And your right about not having enough onesies.

We finally got a jumpy swing when our baby was around 5 months and now she loves it. But the bouncer/chair is still the all time favorite.

Don't let any one tell you the smiles are just gas!

the fabulous adventures of sarah said...


It's so lovely to hear about how things are going. Mom and dad send you their best and will be here for a visit in about 2 weeks of so.

You can do it!!

Big Hugs from Maine!

Riana said...

The swing, is a GODSEND, get one, NOW; get it on ebay, steal one if you have too. It is the only way that we get to eat dinner together and other times we need to calm her down.

A sling is a good second (and cheaper, you can make one with fabric) to the swing. Rock a bye baby.

Hope that the cat feels ok, try taking photos of the cat as well as Baby E so she feels like she is a star too.

Angela in Europe said...

I am sure the cat will get used to the feet substitute. Bravo on being creative!