Monday, April 02, 2007

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who voted in the first "Labor or Nothing?" poll! The sign of labor in question was, "I have a sore gumline around my right upper rearmost molar" and most people felt it was choice #3), Probably a stuck popcorn kernel...just keep flossing. A couple of you were nice enough to reassure me that it was, in fact, definitely a real sign of labor and one person who may or may not be involved in the dental profession said it could be more like gingivitis (and call the dentist for goodness sake). Thanks again -- it cheered me right up.

Now that I've already crossed some boundaries long ago with this blog, I'm going to continue the trend by asking you to add yet another body part to your prayers or positive thoughts. I spent a lot of time early on praying that I was, in fact, pregnant and didn't have an ectopic pregnancy or a tumor (thank you, Evil Gynecologist Number 1), then to praying that I would be a good mother (still high on my list of worries), that I would eventually stop throwing up (that one did work out for me...eventually), and that I would just be able to keep my baby inside throughout this pregnancy. I spent a lot of time on that last prayer, and so far it looks like it's been successful. I do realize now, though, that I should have included an exit clause. Time to backpedal! So just go ahead and add 'and a good cervix (in addition to good breasts) for Pardon My French.' Thanks so much.

If you aren't particularly religious but would still like to help, then I've also got myself a new mantra (not so much a motto anymore). From "Everything is impermanent" it changed to "The baby will be fine" which you can still use, if it appeals to you. The newest mantra is now simply "Open, sesame" and all I need you to do is say or think it towards the full moon, where it will bounce off and return to earth, gathering speed, and then be absorbed by at least one of my reproductive organs. Since I may be in the middle of a labor dance, it's probably better to say/think it 3-4 times just so it's more likely to reach a moving target. Thanks so much.

Speaking of labor dances, I have a few more unsuccessful attemps just for the record:

Shaft, courtesy of TNT (Isaac Hayes)
Ain't That A Lot of Love (Taj Mahal)
Jumping Jack Flash (Stones)
Kiss (Prince)
Love Will Turn You Around, with Islands in the Stream thrown in for good measure (Kenny Rogers)

Still taking suggestions. Anyway, here is the Poll of the Day. I've got to work some of the kinks out because the layout is terrible, but it's a start. Just scroll on down. Oh, and have a nice day.


Reb said...

Visualization. Talk to your cervix and imagine your baby's head pushing down on it, and the cervix slowly opening. And if that fails, go out for a 10 mile walk.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the Bill Cosby routine about his wife's having a baby. That should induce labor for anyone. I was really counting on the full moon, but not to fear she will come and I know it's not too soon. Good luck and we'll keep you and the little one in our prayers.